When we think of protecting eye health we often think of adults. This is mostly due to the risks and impacts that can cause eye disease or loss of vision and the concern to maintain our eyesight as we age. However, as parents, we should be thinking about how to protect our children’s eye sight.

To protect our children’s eye health, we should think about implementing some of the same practices we do as adults:

  • Healthy diet – eating the right foods and vegetables is just as important for our children as it is for adults.
  • Eye protection – wearing sunglasses while outside and minimizing screen time are ways to protect your child’s eyes.
  • Routine eye exams – having your child’s eyes checked routinely are important for diagnosing problems and being able to apply treatment or correction.

If you have questions about protecting your child’s eye health, contact our team. The Gordy EyeCare team is here to help!