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Habits For Good Eye Health

Habits For Life Long Healthy Eyes

Like most things in life, to be "good" at them, you have to commit to make habitual choices. Your eyes are no different. If you want to help ensure that you have good eye health for your life, there are several habits you should adopt.

  1. Eat a healthy diet - Certain foods can help your eye health. Foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and Vitamin C will help. Think broccoli, corn, squash, kale, citrus fruits, nuts and seeds to name a few.
  2. Reduce eye exposure to the sun - If you can limit the time in the sun, good. If not, make sure you are wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection for your eyes.
  3. Quit smoking - This one is obvious, but loss of eyesight is one of the lesser thought of risks of smoking.
  4. Regular exercise - Exercise can help to ward off macular degeneration.
  5. Routine eye exams - We have dedicated a significant amount of time on our blog talking about the importance of routine eye exams. Not just for your eye health, but also for the ability to diagnose other health concerns in your eyes.

Sticking to these habits does not mean that you won't develop eye problems, there is no fool-proof guarantee, but it'll give you a fighting chance to make sure that you have your eyesight for your entire life.

If you have question, as always, please contact our team. We're here to help you any way we can.


image credit; Nithi Anand on flickr

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 written by Gordy EyeCare Team
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